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Berends | Sebastiaan
Concept & Design

Berends Sebastiaan is a collective of designers located in Arnhem, led by designers Boudewijn Berends and Ferdinand Hartgers. Berends Sebastiaan offers his customers a unique visual voice. Thanks to an impressive list of techniques, they can tell and visualize stories in a way that goes beyond imagination. 

Berends Sebastiaan combines disciplines such as photography, video, animation & 3D rendering to design that is distinctive and where reality flows seamlessly into emotion and experience. All this happens internally so that the projects remain clear, techniques are supportive and not decisive, and most important: the quality and the design choices are always guaranteed in the process. 


"We believe that growth is the most valuable
experience and that creativity makes this possible."

 - Boudewijn Berends & Ferdinand Hartgers, Creative Directors

What do others think of Berends Sebastiaan:

Desiree de Jong
Creative Director De Vorm 

​We have worked with Berends Sebastiaan for several campaigns and the results are always very good. In addition to a pleasant and fun collaboration, the multidisciplinary working method is super fine. All-in-one studio with a clear approach, without surprises, and a willingness to perfect all details right up to the end. In addition to the qualities they already have, they are also eager to learn and develop new things. Whatever you think of, they can make it!

Marian van Hooij
Director Marketing Arnhem

Creative, honest, friendly, professional, out-of-the-box, accommodating, and fast… are just a few of the words I would like to associate with Berends | Sebastian. With great pleasure, we, the City marketing Arnhem Foundation, have developed the Arnhem brand with a group of creatives from Arnhem in a 'temporary trademark office'. Ferdinand and Boudewijn played an important role in this. They were connecting, provided new impulses and ways of thinking, beautiful designs and concepts, and are very pleasant to deal with. They are concept thinkers pur sang! I look forward to long-term cooperation.

Pim Pera
Director Instyle Concepts

From a flying start, Ferdinand and Boudewijn joined the creation process for a new strategy for our company Instyle Concepts. As a project designer for recreation, healthcare, hotels, and short stay, it was a challenge to see why we do what we do. We ourselves got stuck with the word: “Guest”. With this message, a concept plan was made for the full scope. Both men have a very strong sense of concept and design. What a strong brand Instyle Concepts project design has become! Both Boudewijn and Ferdinand continue to connect with us for a better embedding of our brand internally in the organization and as an external visual identity. In this way, you keep strategy alive and the word strategy becomes a verb.

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