Podium Cadeaukaart

From Big Amsterdam, we were asked if we could create the campaign for Podium gift card. The concept was there and we did the production. Sourcing the right models, making the animations, producing the clothing, photography, video & animation. We were able to use many of our skills in this assignment.


Photography, Animation, Styling,

Art Direction, Cinemagraphs


Podium cadeaukaart



Before the motion of the cinemagraphs were several scripts that we discussed beforehand. We realized photography in the studio on the same day as the videos.

In post-editing we brought the icons to life through animation and let all layers come together in the edit. A very nice side effect of this assignment was that we could design and produce the clothing.

TV Commercial

In addition to a youtube pre-roll version and all social channels, we also made a version for a TV commercial. Taking into account all the different durations, screen ratios and sizes.