Lampe textiles, Hema's main supplier in the field of textiles, launched a new product on the market. We thought along with the concept and pitched it to the Hema. The product was embraced by Hema and we were asked to design the packaging, the online and offline communication (Photo & Video), and the display.


Retail design, Photography,

Video, packaging





For the simplicity and fun for which Hema is known, we designed a display where the consumer is surprised by rolling tubes as soon as he or she takes out a tube. Because it consists of modules, the display can be expanded indefinitely and could even be an eye-catcher next to a high escalator.

Each module contains stock in a different color. And the consumer can properly assess the product on the front of the module. We also provided the design of the tube, including the layout.


We provided the photography and promotional videos of the product. By capturing it in multiple interiors. The result is used by Hema online and offline.


Introduction campaign

To load the product, we made a teaser on the website. Because the product window textile stands for privacy. Have we linked it to the cookies. As soon as you come to the home page of the website, your screen will be covered with textile foil, as soon as you accept the cookies it will be pulled off. Below that there is an interior photo with the product.

Comp 1_2.gif